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Thamel, Nepal By Video - Strange Moment In a Tourist Town

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Thamel Kathmandu Video - Slow day in tourist town

Noise, crowds and pollution have all but stopped. This particular day was incredibly slow in terms of traffic due to a one of several Maoist strikes in the months of December and January 2010. The scene occurs at the end of the daylight, around 5pm when things start loosening up and vehicle traffic (taxis, rickshaws) slowly begins to surface again. The very famous Kathmandu Guesthouse is situated just to the right bottom corner of the frame and my flat was situated above the Reggae sign in the top right of the picture. You can pretty much walk at a leisurely pace straight into Kathmandu's Durbar Square from here in about 20 minutes or so.


This is by no means a representation of Nepal but is Kathmandu ‘s attempt at a quasi Shangri-La for western style creature comforts. Most trekkers, tourists and backpacker/travelers end up at least for a few day in this place. Think of an American frontier city’s infrastructure in the early 20th century and then throw a blanket of modern technology and amenities such as wi-fi, computers, fax, electricity, hotels, hostels, nightclubs, restaurants…and plumbing (hot showers sometimes!)

The Surya Tourist (bottom left) store is one of the best stocked corner stores I have ever been witness to - and I do mean this by western standards. From nose hair clippers to Guinness - they have it all here and in abundance! The only caveat is that while I was there in winter there was only two shifts of 4 hour electricity. Not much heating for rooms at 46 to 35 Fahrenheit during the night! Also think of this street lit by generator lights and candles at night.. Welcome to Thamel - I love it.
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